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 Liquor Licencing



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 Liquor Regulation

While acknowledging the profitability of liquor trade and its role in the economy, it becomes imperative for government to ensure that the production, distribution and consumption of alcohol products are prudently regulated to prevent its potential negative social implications. This division derives is functions of controlling liquor activities in the province from the provisions of the national Liquor Act of 2003 that seeks to regulate the liquor industry.

Executive Manager: Liquor:
Mr Elliot Mashile
Tel: +27 33-264 2500
Cell: +27 82 957 4441

Help Desk Officers

Nkululeko Thwala: Tel 033 264 2681    E-mail:

Khombi Mthanti: Tel: 033 264 2795      E-mail:        Fax: 033 264 2677 


 Vision, Purpose, Objectives & Functions


By 2020 the regulation and control of liquor in the province of KZN would ensure the equitable distribution of licensed premises which will be in the public interest


The purpose of the Liquor Licensing Sub Directorate is to ensure the effective and efficient administration of the Liquor Act, Act 27 of 1989. 


The key objective of the business unit is:

  • To efficiently and timeously process liquor license applications
  • To ensure legal compliance of all liquor license applications
  • To disseminate information regarding liquor related matters

To educate members of the public on liquor industry related issues and or matters.


The core function of the Liquor Licensing Business Unit is to process liquor license applications and to provide secretarial support to the KwaZulu Natal Liquor Board. 



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